OK, we have a real problem with this!  It’s creepy, not just a little creepy, but disturbing, deranged, spine tingling creepy!  Yes we are talking about the dreaded Man-Baby Photos.  Some people out there are actually calling it art.  For Shame!  Allow us to explain.  Earlier this week, we were looking at a piece of art in a public place, and a friend scoffed, “THAT IS NOT ART!”  His reasoning was that he did not have an artistic bone in his body when it came to drawing, painting or sculpting.  Anything he could muster would be considered at a 4th grade level or lower.  Since he felt he could easily produce this piece of “art”, he was not willing to classify it as such.  Being artists ourselves, we wanted to try to explain the nuances of contemporary art, but we knew it would just fall on deaf ears.

Little did we know, we would be shouting the same thing a few days later. “THAT IS NOT ART!”  A cheap Photoshop to fleece new over zealous parents out of even more money, yes…art, no.  What do you think?

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental

  1. Ellen says:

    Creepy for sure. A skillful PS job though…

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