A company called Lytro has developed technology to allow a photograph’s focus to be altered after the photo has been taken.  Apparently the new camera will have a sensor that records, a significantly more data about the light entering the lens.  Apparently, the new camera will be able to do all sorts of interesting things, like 3D images, low-light photography without a flash, high speed images, etc.

Is it true?  Could this one camera do it all and at what cost?  Read for yourself and tell us what you think.  If these photos are any indication of what is to come, it is going to be interesting.

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  1. As a professional photographer, I’m thinking that this significantly closes the gap between the casual weekend warrior photographer MWC (mom with camera / man with camera) and everyone else. And it doesn’t close the gap much at all between the MWC and the professional who skillfully uses lights and composition. What do you think?

  2. J David says:

    We, in the professional photographic arena, are slaves to tech. We read books and magazines, scan web pages, attend forums and classes, all to increase our knowledge of what is and what is to come in our tech filled industry. This tech however, is only a tool. Regardless of how many interesting and admittedly powerful cameras are released, they still require both a specific and subjective artistic knowledge of how to produce an image. As Steve above mentions with his MWC, these consumers will be producing better and more creative images but they do not add up to more than snap shots still. There is and will always be “the eye.” Those of us that have it combined with experiential and educational backgrounds, will always be the X factor for the photographic industry.

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