Yesterday we posted about the infamous creepy man-baby pictures circulating the web.  Today we want to offer you something we do consider art.  Here are a few self-portraits from a Tokyo based photographer named Natsumi Hayashi.  For months she has posted one levitation picture a day, with the occasional picture of one of her two cats thrown in for good measure.  Looking through all of the captivating images, we actually hit the Jackpot!  A self-portrait levitation photograph, with one of her cats.  Now this is what we consider art…

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental

  1. J David says:

    Although, levitation in and of itself is pretty cool…depicted in a still is even more provacative. As a commercial fashion photographer it lends itself to many ideas that I have. I tip my hat to the artist. I would however suggest one area of improvement…the images would be better served with a dog as a set piece…’I’m just sayin.’

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