My Kinda of Town…Vegas is…

Professional photography (and any creative tech field for that matter), has always had a tenuous relationship at best with Las Vegas.  As with most things Vegas, Photography is looked at with a crooked eyebrow and a doubting that anyone is truly a professional.  Of course, there are many highly skilled professional photographers in many disciplines in Las Vegas.  The problem is that there are twice as many that are not qualified to retain the title of professional.  It has always concerned this writer that Las Vegas will never be able to gain the artistic respect it deserves because of those unscrupulous invidividuals that have purchased a camera just to meet girls and enjoy the party life that they think is the life of a professional photographer.  Those of us who are not only artists but run the company know all too well that the party life is often usurped by the life of an accountant, marketer, brand manager, public relations officer and human resources representative.  My question to those of my colleagues that are following is…Do you feel Vegas is respected as a creative leader in the photographic and related industries? and if not, Will we ever be?



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  1. Not. Too many fly-by-night part-timers who use their full time job to “dump” photography product and services into the Vegas market well below actual costs. I also hear that, when real commercial jobs come to Vegas, outside photographers from LA & Chicago & NYC get called in.

  2. I agree with Steve that there are a flood of shooters that temporarily hang their hats in Vegas and often spoil the local markets (from what I hear especially the highly competitive wedding field). It is true that many companies who come to Vegas to use it as a background bring in commercial shooters but this is often because they have a comfortable relationship with the photographer and like his/her vision. This is common and commercial shooters understand. Luckily, the reverse is often true too. We have clients that bring us to New York, LA and Chicago which means that one of their local shooters is not getting the gig. I think it all evens out.

    How do we educate the local public however, to be wary of the aforementioned ‘temp photographers’ encroaching on our Vegas market?

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