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This is one of the most Iconic images of the last century.   Our photographers at our studio dream of capturing an image like this.  Ruth Orkin took this photograph of Ninalee Craig in Florence, Italy in 1951.  The two decided they wanted to show the fun and challenges of a single woman traveling allow in Italy.  The result was the this amazing photograph below.

Late last week, news broke of parents suing a retailer and a photographer over pictures of model Haily Clauson that ended up on t-shirts.  The parents issue is that at the time of the pictures Haily was only 15 years old and the photos were “blatantly salacious” and may have violated child pornography laws.  The first two pictures are the ones in question.  Do they have a level of sexuality to them, yes.  Are they salacious or pornographic, no.  Should the photographer have used more restraint with a 15 year old subject, maybe.

This is not an first time model, this is an experienced model that has worked the runway for Gucci, Diane von Furstenberg, Elie Saab, Giambattista Valli, Donna Karen, and Oscar de la Renta.  At our studio, we know how important having the proper documentation can be, such as releases and user agreements.  Now, if the pictures had been published and forgotten would the parents be suing?  We doubt it.  So, who is really doing the exploiting here?  Is it the photographer or the parents that were present when these photos were taken?











When we get out the the studio to shoot events, parties etc., it is typically uneventful.  Every once in a while you just wish something exciting and off the wall would happen.  Something like, I don’t know…a college basketball time going over seas to play an exhibition game against a Chinese team and ending in a bench clearing brawl.  Do you think the Chinese were angry about holding our bonds with our downgraded credit rating?

That’s right, the Georgetown men’s basketball team, on a good will mission got into a huge fight with the Chinese.  We wonder what our relations are now?


Like most in our generation, we grew up on superheros.  One was greater than all the rest.  Superman!  What kid didn’t fly around with a cape pretending to save people.  Hell, I have a cape now that fits me!  So, when the first picture of the new superman was released this morning we could not wait to see it and make comparisons.  The new movie is just under two years from release and we are already excited!  What does this have to do with photography or our photography studio? Well, these are both professional photographs.  So, which superman do you like better?  Or are you withholding judgement for now?