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Yes you read that right, $4,338,500!  On November 8th 2011, this photograph sold at a Christie’s Auction.  The photograph is called snore….we mean “Rhein II”.  We fell out of our seats here at the studio, when we saw the price and were asleep by the time we hit the floor when we saw the photo.

We love art, obviously by our chosen profession, but come on!  Andreas Gursky (the photographer) says “For me it is an allegorical picture about the meaning of life and how things are.”  OK, we could agree with that, if the photo had not been “retouched” to make the banks of the Rhine River appear to be empty stretches of grass.

Is it art?  We like to think of it more as an empty background with potential.  Are we jealous we didn’t think of it first?  Your damn right we are!

Agency Week is Coming!

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Check with your modeling agency to see if you qualify.  Agency week starts January 9th 2011.

Check back next week for details….

Sorry, we just had to let that out.  If you saw the article from photo district news last week you would understand.  Basically, it is a review of several court cases involving major TV networks accused of copyright infringement.  The same networks that get angry when you download and watch their bodies of work without paying for it, seem to think it is acceptable to steal photographers’ work and use to generate a profit.  Although we do use other photographers’ images from time to time on our blog and as photographers that own a studio we are in business to make a living, we only use them to showcase other artists and hope to generate further interest in their work.  We would NEVER try to profit from other artists work.

The Great news?  If they have the money to peruse a judgement in federal court, the photographers are winning.  The bad news is many photographers don’t bother to register all of their images with the U.S. Copyright Office.  When you register your images with the U.S. Copyright Office, it becomes easier to persue settlments with infringers without the legal battle.

Stop Hypocritical Copyright Violating A-Holes; register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office.