Artistic Insurrection

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A negative energy has seemingly darkened the door of the photographic industry.  As a practicing member of the, I’ll term it, fraternity of professional photographers, I am witness to many industry changes may they be tech related or in the case of this article a social transmogrification.  The negative energy of which I write has origins in free trade and capitalism but echos through the halls of our democratic society.  Photographs, pictures and videos of all types are slowly being slipped from the hands of artists into the waiting grasp of societal sycophants wanting only to be paid for the effort of stealing a moment in time.  True photographers, professionals who have greatly earned the title are being set aside for the sensational and the fantastical.  Our work no longer hangs in the museums of contemporary culture but has been replaced by grotesque shades of what art should be.  Our work has lost the distinction of inspiring the onlooker rather, it is now evidence of the follies of the celebrity du jour or to prove that one of our superlative youth can indeed light afire his flatulence.

I find myself retreating into my studio of photography at times wondering if I will ever see the day that my colleagues and I are once again thought of as leaders of an indudstry instead of being members of hordes who mustered their quarters to make a trip to Verizon to purchase the newest camera/phone.  Perhaps one day soon I can peek out my studio door and see a horizon that consists of artists of all kinds being warmly lit by the setting sun and all of the members of the new TMZ Society were no where to be found…ah to dream.

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