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Reality TV in Vegas

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

It all started with MTV’s The Real World and has since become a cultural phenomenon, reality TV has become some of the best, and worst, entertainment on the planet. Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Las Vegas’ own Pawn Stars, have captivated audiences for years and opened up the door for a constant bombardment of new reality based TV shows. How else would we feel better about our lives than by watching other people’s crappy ones? Would you want to live in the south? Maybe, maybe not, but you can see how other people make a living by bottling moonshine illegally. Or how to take care of eight kids, or what to do for fun in North Dakota, or even how to get a job working for Donald Trump. Are these shows are an escape into other peoples reality, ala Being John Malkovich, or are they simply a way to judge people without having to be the panelist that everyone wants to punch in the face? Im talking to you, Nicki Minaj. We’ve had our share of reality based TV but nothing that has shown the depth of a city as unique as Las Vegas. Now that Alter Ego Productions has been launched, we are looking into creating something to that effect and making a show that has some value in watching it as well. What do you think we should cover? Besides strip clubs…