Ep#9 – The Second coming of Dave Chappelle…and would Samuel Jackson take Britney Spears on a pizza date?

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Source: Ep#9 – The Second coming of Dave Chappelle…and would Samuel Jackson take Britney Spears on a pizza date?

The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #9 – Rundown


(Jamey) – Hello Everybody…thank you for streaming us!



Your Source for honest info on the newest Tech, movies, games, and of course our base… Las Vegas. Sit back, relax and have some fun and maybe gain some interesting and useful information along the way.


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15 Sec pre roll –



(Jamey) For Adam and Sam…This is Jamey!

Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all!


-realfilmguy23 wrote “Las Vegas is a terrible place to work in film”


-jammer9xwrote “Great show…you need to talk local music scene”


-strwrsrogue7 wrote “Thought your review of Rogue One was weak”


(Jamey) Time for The Nerd Alert!


  1. Nerd Alert (Adam)

– Former LAX Nightclub being turned into an E-Sports Arena

– Marvel’s new battle – Anti-Christian & Anti-Semitism

– Nintendo Discontinues Classic NES


  1. Las Vegas 3 (Jamey)

– Brittney Out – Dave Chappelle & Ricky Martin in

– Las Vegas hosts the International Pizza Expo

– Las Vegan Baron Vaughn to voice Tom Servo in MST3000 reboot




  1. Let’s Talk Phone Etiquette

– During Stage Speakers

– During meals – Dinner

– During movies, concerts etc


  1. Gaming

– Mobile – Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem, Guardians of the Galaxy

– Board games – Unfair, Dark Souls, Pandemic Legacy

– Console games – For Honor, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2


  1. Movies


-Atomic Blonde

-Hitman’s Bodyguard



  1. Area 52 (Jamey)


– The US Government owns over 84% of Nevada Lands.  28% of US in total

– Camels were used as pack animals in Nevada as late as 1870

-Avg visitor to Vegas gambles $447

-The US postage stamp of the Statue of Liberty is actually a photograph of the replica in Las Vegas.


Jamey – Closeout

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