Ep#11-”Las Vegas Special”-Topless Pools, Million Dollar Homes, Casino Secrets & the ghost of Howard Hughes!

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The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #11 – Rundown


(Jamey) – Hello Everybody…thanks joining us for another one of our Las Vegas themed pods!




You can join us every Tuesday for info on the newest Tech, movies, games, and of course our base… Las Vegas. Sit back, relax and have some fun and maybe gain some interesting and useful information along the way.


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15 Sec pre roll –



(Jamey) This is Jamey…and of course, our producer Sam is at his trusty station behind the scenes.  Adam is not with us today as he is working on film gig this week…break a leg out there Adam…

I am very lucky however to have as my co-host today…


(Julia hello)


A big hello and thank you to our listeners in Washington, North Dakota, Illinois & Virgina!!


Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all – As you know, the crew here are all Las Vegas veterans…so here are some classic questions we have received over the years:


– Are Siegfried & Richard still playing in Las Vegas?

– Can I get a reservation at Areola (Aureol)?

– Do you live on the Strip? Is that fun?

-Do you have any hookups for me? Comps…

-I will be in Vegas 3 days – where should I eat?

-Is it really that hot in Vegas? Yes it is hot AF.

The Topless Report!!





(Jamey) Time for The Nerd Alert – Las Vegas edition!


  1. Nerd Alert (Sam)

– LVL Up – TPBD on location preview at Vegas’ Ultimate Gaming and Anime convention

– The Nerd Nightclub has opened in Downtown Las Vegas.

– Sci-Fi Center, Millennium Fandom Bar & Avengers STATION


  1. Las Vegas 3 (Jamey)

– The new pool club scene – The Aquatic Club-Palazzo

– Killer’s Brandon Flowers selling mansion – $4.95mil – Also owned by Agassi and Howard Hughes.

– Fire at Trump hotel-suspect arrested & Yucca Mountain

-Las Rageous Review – John Thorpe in the field –

VIP all the way – Good but needs better crowd control

Slayer is next up…


  1. Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

– People stopping dead in their tracks right in front of you!

– Gym Rats, bumping into the parking lot right into a handicapped spot.

– Get on or get off the elevator…for Christ’s sake!

– Your hipster hat is cute…take it off in the restaurant.




  1. Gaming

– Mobile – Gangstar Vegas

– Board games – Vegas & Vegas Showdown

– Las Vegas Themed Slot & poker machines – Do you love’em?


  1. Movies – Favorite Las Vegas Films

– Very Bad Things

– Casino

– Con Air



  1. Area 52 (Jamey)


– You can drink alcohol on the strip – no glass or metal containers – no churches, schools or hospitals

– Area 51 Fleet is called Janet airlines – due to call sign

– Howard Hughes was asked to leave the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino – he then bought it and Castaways, the Landmark, the New Frontier, the Sands and the Silver Slipper.



Jamey – Closeout

Thanks to everyone listening and watching.

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The Pod Bay Door is closed…talent is out…

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