Is Stan Lee working for The Watchers?…and Could you see Star Lord inside a brothel?

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Source: Is Stan Lee working for The Watchers?…and Could you see Star Lord inside a brothel?

The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #12 – Rundown


(Jamey) – Hello Everybody…thanks joining us…




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15 Sec pre roll –

(Jamey) This is Jamey…Sam is at his trusty station behind the scenes…and we welcome back Adam fresh off a week long film gig.

…and returning to the studio is our roving Heavy Metal and Social Conscience reporter John Thorpe…Hello John!

(John Hello)

A big thank you to our new listeners in Tennessee and Delaware…we really appreciate everybody!!



(Jamey rant) – What has happened to our gas stations (filler’ up Joe).





Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all – Last week’s Las Vegas questions were so popular with our listeners we have included a bunch more for today


– When it says wet seats to “O” at the Bellagio does it mean we are in the pool?

– I am really upset…my key does not work (this is not your hotel Ma’am)?

– I heard that the gondolas at the Venetian will take you to your room??


The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

        -Night Club naughtiness & getting 86’d

        -Casino Streakers

        -Post Party Valet disrobing


(Jamey) Time for The Nerd Alert!


  1. Nerd Alert (Adam)

– Guy finds original source code disk from Starcraft and returns it to Blizzard – wins free trip to Blizzcon

– Steven Hawking says we must leave earth or die (100yrs)

– Disney announces GOTG Ride Premiere Party


  1. Las Vegas 3 (Jamey)

– Ice Cube embraces Raiders move – says people will come

– EDC is coming in June – Do you like the wildness?

– Nevada Brothel owner facing code violations(Area 51 Death Valley Cathouse – political backlash after losing election.)


  1. Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

– What has happened to the English language?  What is it Americans are saying?

– When I hold the door for you…take it from me with a thank you.

– Dear God…stop whistling!



  1. Gaming

– Mobile – Sunless Sea

– Board games – The Thing

– Sony PlayStation 4 Pro & compatibility


  1. Movies & TV

– GOTG 2, The Defenders & The Dark Tower (Stephen King)

– American Gods

– Why Stan Lee must be in every Marvel movie…The Watcher’s


  1. Area 52 (Jamey)

– 38% of all Americans have been to Vegas in their lifetime

– Las Vegas (The Meadows) became a city in 1905.  100acres

– Nevada is the second largest gold producer in the world


Jamey – Closeout

Thanks to everyone listening and watching.

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The Pod Bay Door is closed…talent is out…

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