3 Ways to Spot Las Vegas Nerds – Ep#14

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Source: 3 Ways to Spot Las Vegas Nerds – Ep#14

The Pod Bay Door Show

Episode #13 Lucky Number


(Adam) – Hey everyone! Taking for joining us This is… THE POD BAY DOOR Your Source for info on the newest Tech, movies, games, and our home… Las Vegas.  We have a great show today, well keep you entertained and hopefully teach you something new today. Subscribe, Like and Download us on iTunes podcasts @ The Pod Bay Door Our Youtube channel is – The Pod Bay Door Podcast Or find us on  any of your favorite podcast apps.   Im Adam, on the main mic today, Jameys taking a back seat Hi Jamey! And of course to my left is Sam.. Todays special guest is guitar player and bartender extraordinaire… Chris Felix… Hey Felix! The Pod Bay Door  loves comments from listeners as it gives us a reason to debate hot topics again. Heres a couple we received: “readycut” comments “great pod, are there any cosplay groups in Vegas?” “Tech10” comments “You guys bag on Vegas a lot, whats wrong with being in the LV game?” “Susieq708 commented “I like the pod a lot, but you dont seem totally nerd friendly…are you guys really nerds or just fronting?” Nerd Alert 1. The Witcher netflix series    2. The Gifted Trailer  – X-Factor    Fox 3. Mouse with 3D-printed ovaries gives birth to healthy pups   Las Vegas 3 1.  Las Vegas Police Taser and choke hold a car jacking suspect 2.  Asian themed resort pushed back again to 2020 – Foreign Investors     Genting Group – Asian money invasion. 3.  Comedy – Dirty at 12:30 and The Stool – Is comedy dead in Las Vegas Chris Felix interview What jobs have you had and how has that lead you to being where you are? What have you learned about the people that come to Vegas? How many times have you had to cut someone off at the bar? Best and worst tipping story Cosmo shooting incident Whats your take on Marvel vs DC movies? Are you a “gamer” and if so, what do you play? Cool  Brenden theater story Movies 1.  Alien: Covenant Area 52 1.   On avg there are 300 weddings per day in LV – National avg is 6200 (5% of Nat avg) 2. MGM Grand (5044) is second largest hotel in the world – second to First World Hotel in Malaysia (7351) – Abraj Kudai in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is trying to be the largest at 10,000 rooms ($3.5 Billion) Adam – Closeout Thanks to everyone listening and watching.   You can catch The Pod Bay Door on the PodBean app (or any of your favorite podcast apps including Itunes, Google Play, TuneIn and Stitcher Radio.  You can watch the show on our Youtube Channel   The Pod Bay Door-Podcast Please Download, like and Subscribe! Our Social Connectivity screen is coming up – check in with us on FB, twitter and word press. The Pod Bay Door is closed…talent is out..

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