4 Ways to Recognize a Las Vegas Tourist – Ep #15

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Source: 4 Ways to Recognize a Las Vegas Tourist – Ep #15

The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #15 – Rundown


(Jamey) – Hello Everybody…thanks joining us…




You can join us every Tuesday for info and opinions on the newest Tech, movies, games, and of course insider information, history and maybe even some crazy secrets about our home… Las Vegas, NV…So sit back, relax and enjoy.


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Coming up on the show:

– New Segment The Concierge Chronicle – 4 Ways to Spot

– Baywatch & Pirates of the Caribbean movie reviews

– New Millennial board game

– and of course, the Topless report, nerd alert, gear grinders and Area 52


15 Sec pre roll –



(Jamey) For Adam and Sam…this is Jamey.  Joining the crew this week…we welcome back Amelia…thanks for being here!!


A big thank you to our new listeners in Arkansas and NYC…and hello to everyone across the pond in the United Kingdom – thank you so much for tuning in…we really appreciate everybody!!



Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all – Last week’s Las Vegas questions were so popular with our listeners we have included a bunch more for today


– TropicalsmoothieTom commented “I really liked Alien:Covenant – tied in well with Prometheus

– Chris @facesandaceslv – Nerd & Vegas content – I’m in pod heaven.

– Vital Vegas @VitalVegas – Great show – Dirty Little Secrets – Concierge Outsourcing – more in the new segment

The Concierge Chronicle




The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

        -9 total topless (toptional) pools – 10 with Sapphires

        -Venus at Caesar’s-Did you know Stratosphere has a topless pool called Radius.

        -Limo Sunroofs and…the Flash


(Jamey) Time for The Nerd Alert!


  1. Nerd Alert (Adam)

– Black & Silver Marvel Movie – New director

– Joking Hazard-cyanide and happiness Board game-Kickstarter

– June project: Sat images over Jupitor-HD-Cool Storms


  1. The Concierge Chronicle (Jamey)

The Las Vegas 3 has now evolved into The Concierge Chronicle-it will be a curated information depot for what is happening in Las Vegas with comedic LV veteran insider viewpoints…first up:


4 Ways to Spot a Las Vegas Tourist- First timers Beware!

  1. The classic Fanny Pack
  2. The Blank Upward Stare while still in motion
  3. Lobster Skin
  4. Slumped over in a wheel chair being pushed by security




  1. Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

– The 5 minute selfie portrait session

– Are we seriously still walking and texting!?

– Retail purchase phone apps that don’t work – Starbucks etc


  1. Gaming

– “What do you Meme” board game


  1. Movies & TV reviews

– Baywatch Review, Pirates Review

– The Flash Finale


  1. Area 52 (Jamey)

– The Mormons established the first permanent structure in Las Vegas in 1855 – The Fort – It still stands today at the corner of LVB and Washington – At the time only one banker, Parry Thomas, would loan money to casino operators, many of whom were mob connected.

– Outsourcing of key personnel – As mentioned above, Concierge are one key area where major hotels are deciding to seek outsourced personnel.  It all began about 6-7 years ago when concierge staff made mention of unionizing.  This of course went over like a lead balloon to the money men and thus outsourcing.  What it means is that informational personnel like concierge – who can an integral part of a Las Vegas visit – are now being replaced by privatized companies whose sole purpose is to sell show tickets – commissions being had from all sides.

Jamey – Closeout

Thanks to everyone listening and watching.

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