7 of the Most Infamous Crimes in Las Vegas History – EP#18

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The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #18 – Rundown


(Jamey) – Hello Everybody…thanks joining us…




You can join us every Tuesday for info and opinions on the newest tech, movies, games, and of course insider information, history and maybe even some crazy secrets about our home… Las Vegas, NV…So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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Coming up on this episode:

– 7 Most Famous Crimes in Las Vegas History

– Nevada and Marijuana

– Wonder Woman – Nerd Verse calls for re-casting

– and of course, the Topless report, Nerd alert, Gear grinders and Area 52


15 Sec pre roll –


(Jamey) For Adam…this is Jamey.

…Hello to our producer Sam who has been sick of late…get well soon Sam!

Back in our studio again is John Thorpe to add some wit & wisdom…Thank you for stopping by John!


A big thank you to our new listeners in Connecticut and Massachusetts – thank you so much for tuning in…we really appreciate everybody!!


Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –

– Bigboypantz9 commented “What are the strip clubs like in Las Vegas?”

– Marley4evrman commented “Is weed legal in Las Vegas now – WTF!?”

        –Yes but…It is still a federal crime

        –Not on the Strip – 12 Dispensaries parallel

        –Nevada Gaming commission – No pot in casinos period

        –Recreational(no medical) sales will not be legal and established until well after November of 2017.

        –Nevada has 55 medical dispensaries




The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

– The Topless Show

        –Many Rules

        –125 seat capacity or more – escorted to seat only

        –Must have a liquor license

        –cannot engage with audience

        –cannot be seen nude outside auditorium

        –no tipping

        –Infractions are only misdemeanors but casino is liable

-Street performer nudity ban in late 2015



(Jamey) Time for The Nerd Alert!


Nerd Alert (Adam)

– E3 – PS, Xbox, Nintendo

– Hitman dev goes fully independent

– Neil Degrasse Tyson launches Kickstarter for science exploration game









The Concierge Chronicle (Jamey)


This Week we have:

7 Most Famous Crime in Las Vegas History


  1. Philip Cline and the Las Vegas Hilton Arson

        -8 Dead, 200 injured – building gone

  1. Bellagio Biker Bandit

        -Anthony Carleo stole $1.5 million in chips

        -gave $25K chip to salvation army bell ringer

        -caught trying to Craigs list chips

        -son of a local judge

  1. Al Bramlet murder

        -Culinary Union Boss in 1977

        -killed by his own hit men for nonpayment

  1. Kidnapping of Steve Wynn’s daughter

        -negotiated to $1.45 million

        -caught buying a ferrari

  1. Ted Binion Kidnapping Plot

        -Marvin Shumate vs Benny Binion

  1. O.J. Simpson memorabilia heist
  2. The Hole in the Wall Gang

        -Tony “The Ant” Spiltro – LV Mob enforcer

        -The brothers went to a house in rural Indiana for a business meeting, where they were met by a group of mafia hit men. The Spilotro brothers were beaten and strangled, and their bodies buried in a nearby cornfield

Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

– Performing Life – the dissolution of sincerity

– Communal tables for anything


Movies & TV reviews

– Wonder Woman – Was Gal Gadot the right choice?


Area 52 (Jamey)

– Alien sightings as recent as Feb 2017 in the township of Summerlin.

– New Author claims that Aliens have visited our casinos in Human Suits.  Canadian Minister Paul Hellyer & US Air Force Charles Hall



Jamey – Closeout

Thanks to everyone listening and watching.

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