Ghosts of Las Vegas…the Haunting of The Strip – Ep #23

Posted: July 25, 2017 in Las Vegas Secrets, movie news, nerds, Podcast, tech news, Tech Rant

Source: Ghosts of Las Vegas…the Haunting of The Strip – Ep #23

Join Jamey, Adam and Sam this week for discussions on The Ghosts of Las Vegas and the Haunting of The Strip. Also on tap is Naked hazing, the new Pokemon Go, shrimp tonnage, slot machines, abandoned mines and the release of O.J. Simpson. Plus, there is a Valerian movie review, a Game of Thrones recap…with the Nerd Alert, Topless report, gear grinders and Area 52.

The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #23 – Rundown


(Jamey)  – This is Jamey…Adam and Sam are with me in the studio…


Coming up on this episode:

–  The Ghosts of Las Vegas…haunting The Strip

–  Naked hazing on The Strip

–  and of course, the Topless report, Nerd alert, Gear grinders and Area 52


15 Sec pre roll –

We are now on Player.FM, Mixcloud and a big hello to Adam at OttoRadio – glad to be connected.



Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –

–  pokemonsbuddy67 commented – “Good show guys…why do you hate Pokemon Go – new version rocks”

 – dicedicedice commented – “My drive to work is alot more fun with you guys…What’s new in LV?”

        -Demo at 18 Fremont

        -O.J. is out!



The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

–  Showgirl street entertainers told pasties not enough…

– Nude girl strapped to hood of car was being hazed




(Jamey)  Time for The Nerd Alert!


Nerd Alert (Adam)

–  Valerian Review

–   GoT recap

–   Comic Con news

–  Bright movie

–  Dr. Doom movie

–  Shazam DC

–  Rockos Modern Life

–  Wstworld update












The Concierge Chronicle (Jamey)


This Week we have:  The Ghosts of Las Vegas…Haunting The Strip


  1. Employees at Bally’s report seeing group of ghosts walking around the kitchen area – Fire of 1980


  1. Reports at the Westgate (Lv Hilton) of Elvis near the backstage elevator which led to his Green Room.


  1. Reports at Circus Circus of screams in rooms on the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors and the words Help Me on bathroom mirrors. Mother in room 123 killed her little boy and herself.
  2. Luxor reports ghosts of suicides on the 12th and 14th floors…breathing on your neck.
  3. The Flamingo has over 100 reports of Bugsy Segals ghost by the pool or in the wedding chapel which was built over his old apartment there.









Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

–  Creativity and Talent being set aside by volume technology.  One Click to popularity.



Area 52 (Jamey)

–   Over 70,000 pounds of shrimp is consumed every day in Las Vegas

-There are now almost 2 slot machines for every 8 residents of Las Vegas.

–  Nevada is home (many of which are very near Las Vegas) to between 225,00 and 310,000 abandoned mines – 50,000 of which have been deemed to pose serious hazards to the public.

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