Arriving on a Jet Plane…Vegas Baby! Ep #31

Posted: September 19, 2017 in comedy, gaming news, Las Vegas Secrets, Las Vegas Truth, movie news, nerds, Podcast, tech news, Tech Rant

Join Jamey, Adam and Sam this episode for talks of what it is like to step off the plane in Las Vegas.  Topics also include Hellboy First Look, unsanctioned Wet T Shirt Contests, the iPhone X, and JJ Abrams Star Wars re-up…with the Topless Report, Nerd Alert, Gear Grinders and Area 52.

The Pod Bay Door Show


Episode #31 – Rundown


Coming up on this episode we will discuss

–  What’s it like to arrive in Las Vegas…

–  Hellboy First Look and iPhone X

–  with the Topless report, Nerd alert, Gear grinders and Area 52


Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –


–  TerriNam4 commented (tumblr) – “Thanks for being my Vegas Nerd Connect…more stories about dancers.”

–  Dave commented (WordPress) – “By far my favorite podcast…honest explanation of Players Clubs”


 The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

–  Did you know that Las Vegas is the location for the World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club (Sapphire) – 70,000sqft

– Male college students host unsanctioned Wet T-Shirt contest on the strip.






(Jamey)  Time for The Nerd Alert!


Nerd Alert (Adam)

–  Cassini’s Final dive

–  iPhone X

–  Hellboy – First Look

– JJ back on Star Wars




The Concierge Chronicle (Jamey)


This Week we have:  Las Vegas…I have just arrived

Useless info:  45.4 mil passengers end of 2015, 3.5 million international (a new record).

–  Disembark…take the time to look around, play a machine, look at the ones leaving, head for Baggage.

–  The bags, the ads, the bachelorettes, the pseudo celebs

–  The mysterious ZERO LEVEL (Terminal 1 Doors 1-13)

–  Ubers and Lyfts and Cabs…oh my!


Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

–  Do you seriously not see me working right in front of you?


Area 52 (Jamey)

–  Boulder City is one of only two towns in Nevada where gambling is illegal, the other city being Panaca. Originally, this town was created to house the workers on Hoover Dam.

–   In 1957 at the Dunes Casino the first topless showgirls debuted on the Las Vegas Strip in “Minsky’s Follies”.


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