Stranger in a Strange Hotel – Experiencing Las Vegas

Posted: September 26, 2017 in comedy, gaming news, Las Vegas Secrets, Las Vegas Truth, movie news, nerds, Podcast, tech news, Tech Rant

Source: Stranger in a Strange Hotel – Experiencing Las Vegas

Join Jamey, Adam, Sam and John for discussions of our continuing series Experiencing Las Vegas with the check-in process.  Topics also include, mannequin attacks, fascism, casino chips, Tomb Raider reboot and reviews of Isle of Dogs, Kingsman, The Gifted and Start Trek…with of course the Topless Report, Nerd Alert, a political Gear Grinders and Area 52 (with a Las Vegas Lightening Round trivia).

The Pod Bay Door Show

Episode #32 – Rundown


Coming up on this episode we will discuss

–  Las Vegas Hotel Check in Do’s and Don’ts from pros

–  Mannequin attacks, Fascism & Casino Chips

–  with the Topless report, Nerd alert, Gear grinders and Area 52


Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –

– JulieJSK commented (mixcloud) – Love all the Vegas 411…and nerd stuff…What is your favorite hotel now?

–  fredsnose commented (wordpress) – I do enjoy the show…love all of the trivia tidbits…Sam needs to be more positive on his movie watching/reviews.


 The Topless Report!!Where are they naked now…

– Man arrested at the Mob museum after viciously attacking a naked mannequin.  Sting operation – homeless attacks.


(New Seg.) – …and this is why (Movie Review) – King Arthur


Nerd Alert (Adam)

–  Tomb Raider Reboot-movie/game

–  Isle of Dogs – Kingsman review

–  The Gifted/Star Trek starting soon

The Concierge Chronicle (Jamey)

This Week we have:  Stranger in a Strange Hotel – Las Vegas Check in Stories

–  You made it from the Airport…now what!?

–  What to do if your room isn’t ready.

–  Long lines…but cocktails are coming.

–  The reality of upgrades in Las Vegas.

–  Dirty rooms…blood, sweat & tears.

–   Room Service…Yes or NO!!!!


Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

–  On whatever side of the aisle you stand…speak intelligently and thoughtfully…Fascism & Nietsche not swords to swing


Area 52 (Jamey)

–   Lightening Round Trivia

  1. How tall is the Stratosphere – 1149ft
  2. What does Pai Gow mean – Makes 9
  3. Las Vegas resides at the corners of which Deserts (Great Basin, Sonoran and Mojave.


–    Las Vegas chips – Casino token (also known as casino or gaming chipschecks, or cheques) are small discs used in lieu of currency. Colored metal, injection-molded plastic or compression molded clay – RFID chips embedded – 8.5-10 grams


***Next Episode (#33) available on Oct 24th

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