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Episode #42 – Rundown
Coming up on this episode
–  The Destruction of Las Vegas…from Hollywood to Silicon Valley
–  with Area 52
Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –
– jesterlvfan commented – “Love the show and history lessons guys…What are the holidays like there?”
Nerd Alert
Net Neutrality
Star Wars:  The Last Jedi

Why does Hollywood like to blow up, flood, quake and demo Las Vegas?
10 Films that destroy our town
– San Andreas, Godzilla, 2012, Resident Evil:Extinction, Transformers, Domino, Con Air, Mars Attacks, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, The Amazing Colossal Man

Video games that destroy Las Vegas
–  Fallout:New Vegas, GTA:San Andreas, Rainbow 6:Vegas1&2, Die Hard Trilogy:Viva Las Vegas
Area 52 (Jamey) –
· 1931:The Nevada Legislature relaxes marriage and divorce laws and repeals its gambling ban.
· 1931:Pair-O-Dice Club opens on Highway 91, which later is known as the famous Las Vegas Strip.
1932:Patrick McCarran elected to the U.S. Senate
1933:Prohibition is repealed.

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Link to Article by John Thorpe(Contributing Editor-The Pod Bay Door) – “Vampire on the Strip”

Join Jamey as he interviews Sophia Maria, a Las Vegas lounge and concert performer.  Topics will include performing with Debbie Reynolds, finding the balance between the stage and being a mother of three, and if the current wave of socio-political problems have affected Sophia’s career.

Episode 41 – Sophia Maria Interview Rundown

Intro & Hello to Sophia

(Sophia) Hello…

When did you start singing? When Professionally?

WWF Hotel & Casino Fails after take over of Debbie Reynolds-

What was your first Pro gig?When did you come to Vegas? First gig in Vegas?

What is the lounge scene like in Las Vegas?

In what other venues do you perform?

Good and Bad about being a Las Vegas performer?

Have you performed for/with any celebrities?

What singers do you model your style after?

Best experience on stage in Las Vegas? Worst?

Knowing current events, have you ever had any uncomfortable situations as an entertainer?

Being a Mother, is stage life difficult?

How long will you stick with it?

Instagram – @sophiamaria702

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Join Jamey and Adam as they discuss the differences between Nerds and Millennials in Las Vegas.  Topics will also include Android Citizens, Rocket Roadsters, Net Neutrality and the Infinity War Trailer…with the Nerd Alert, Gear Grinders and area 52.

Episode #40 – Rundown

Nerds vs Millennials…Battlefield Vegas – Ep #40

 Coming up on this episode we will discuss

–  How Should Las Vegas change for Nerds & Millennials…and are they the same?

–  Android Citizens, rocket cars and the Infinity War

–  with the Nerd alert, Gear grinders and Area 52

Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –

– Stephieandfriends commented “Thanks for being old and relevant…we love the show…Do you think Las Vegas is still trendy?”

 Nerd Alert (Adam)

–  EA investigated & Net Neutrality

–  Sophia – Android Citizen

–  TESLA’s new Semi and Rocket Car

–  Infinity War Trailer

Concierge Chronicle – Keeping LV Relevant

–  Are Millenials & Nerds the Same?

–  How is Las Vegas catering to them?

–  Negative trends – Marijuana, Gas, terrorism

Gear Grinders – Las Vegas

–  Victoria’s Secret is my Secret…Hands Off!

Area 52 (Jamey)

–   Nevada has more mountain ranges (300) and more hot springs (over 300 occurring naturally) than any other state in the country.

Mountain Range – Definition