Weed Lounges, Wild Horses and Nicolas Cage…Oh My! Ep #47

Posted: January 31, 2018 in comedy, Las Vegas Secrets, Las Vegas Truth, Marijuana, movie news, Podcast, Positive Movie Review
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Jamey and John discuss some of their favorite Las Vegas movies and some of the hard data behind the marijuana business in Las Vegas.

Well…weed is here to stay…or so says Rolling Stone Magazine in a recent article.  Much to my chagrin, I have to agree.  Although our feckless leaders on the Hill continue the fight the good fight against the now mighty Cannabis Flower.  This week The Pod Bay Door crew discusses the coming wave of legal battles with the Fed and the possibility of the first Pot Lounges in both Colorado and Las Vegas.  We also discuss dogma,tone and fervor with which the pot arguments are laid and the subsequent poor and misrepresentation it has within the “For Pot Community”, most especially the stigma and ensuing embarrassment shown by those who strongly favor the drug.

Also covered in this episode are some of the favorite Las Vegas based films enjoyed by the show…

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