Who is Gambling, Who is Eating…and Does Las Vegas Care? S2E52(part two)

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More Vegas stories with Jamey and John…this time they discuss the changes that have occurred in Vegas in gambling, dining and customer base…with another entry to Area 52. Part 2

Vegas Gossip

In its first six months of legal recreational marijuana (July-December 2017), Nevada’s retail pot outlets grossed a little more than $195 million. This generated $30 million in tax revenues (on a 15% tax on wholesale and a 10% tax on retail cannabis). Cannabis analytics firm New Frontier projects that Nevada’s marijuana market will reach annual sales of more than $600 million by 2020.

Nevada’s 12-member Gaming Policy Committee took less than an hour in a recent meeting to issue a unanimous resolution affirming the separation of marijuana and casinos. At least for the foreseeable future, there will be no pot-smoking lounges or marijuana shops in casinos, or financial transactions that benefit both a casino and pot provider — in short, nothing that might run afoul of the federal Controlled Substances Act. The only association allowable between the two industries will be when casinos host marijuana conventions, conferences, and exhibitions. A related issue that wasn’t addressed was how casinos should deal with employees who test positive for pot. As of now, that’s up to the properties themselves, though the state legislature might have to establish standards for employers.

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