Is Vegas Dying?…and other Fan questions – S2E58


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Curated content and comedic viewpoints on Society, Politics, Entertainment & Las Vegas!

Jamey and John answer Fan Questions and discuss listener show comments.  Topics include Las Vegas architecture, photography, weird concierge requests and sports-book fears.

Vegas Gossip

The Burlesque Hall of Fame opens today in its new location at 1027 S. Main Street. Admission to the museum is $15 and $12 for locals.

According to a survey by Forbes, Las Vegas is the sixth most affordable city in the U.S. The salary needed to live comfortably in Las Vegas came in at $56,609, with the “cost of necessities” listed at $28,304 per year and median income at $50,822. Tucson, Arizona, ranked at number five and El Paso, Texas, placed in the number-one spot on the list with the cost of necessities at $25,075, median income $43,322, and salary $50,150.

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