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Is Las Vegas Too Trendy for It’s Own Good? – S2E65

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Jamey and John discuss if Las Vegas has forgotten it’s locals within the new marketing campaigns.  Also on the show, has Vegas gotten too trendy…plus listener questions.

Curated content and comedic viewpoints on Society, Politics, Entertainment & Las Vegas!

Vegas Gossip has identified the most iconic foods in all 50 states. Nevada’s is the Shrimp cocktail: “The Golden Gate Hotel-Casino in downtown Las Vegas introduced it to the gaming public in 1959 and it quickly became a lure to entice folks to visit casinos. And it still does today. Served in a tulip-shaped glass and nestled on a bed of lettuce with spicy cocktail sauce, it’s a classic.

A woman from Wisconsin hit for $1.5 million playing a Million Degrees slot at the Golden Gate. It’s the largest jackpot ever at the casino.

Are you ready for another casino fee? You can buy a pass for $10 to skip the line at the Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon Buffet. Caesars’ Bacchanal Buffet has a $25 skip fee. A better strategy might be to go when it’s not busy.

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