Is Las Vegas the Worst Place for your Waistline…amazingly…NO! S2E68

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Julia, John and Jamey discuss how Las Vegas ranks among the worst cities and states of the union for obesity and health.  Included are some shocking fast food statistics, Body shaming traps, Fat Pride dilemmas and the evil secret of the Plus size fashion industry.


Vegas Gossip

Las Vegas esports venue has opened at the Rio. The Wall Gaming Lounge is a 24,000-square-foot space in the Masquerade Village area, featuring 30 high-performance Alienware gaming PCs, along with a number of console gaming stations. Tournaments will include Local Lock In, MOBA, FPS, Battle Royal, FGC, and Twitch. The first phase has a self-serve beverage wall and mobile food/drink ordering; Phase 2, to be completed in the fall, will introduce more food and beverage options.

August 2 at Neonopolis downtown, the Cannabition Cannabis Museum will feature multi-sensory exhibits on cannabis art, education, and culture, including a 360-degree theater (trippy visuals, anyone?). The museum’s centerpiece will be a 22-foot-tall bong.

The Golden Knights have filed a lawsuit against StubHub, the giant eBay-owned ticket reseller. The suit stems from the ticket site’s “demand” that StubHub be allowed to resell playoff tickets, contravening the team’s efforts to limit those sales through its Vow program. The suit claims that StubHub’s “ultimatum” threatened to turn the Knights’ “historic inaugural season from an experience that encouraged fan loyalty and hometown spirit into a scalping money-grab.” In contention is $1.5 million in ticket profits that the Knights organization claims StubHub unilaterally reduced to $255,000, splitting the rest with AXS, the team’s primary ticketing site.

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