New Las Vegas Venues & Psycho Vegas – S2E76

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The New Novel by Julia Shupe – “Carved In Stone-A Vanessa Stone Thriller”   


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New Episode

Jamey and John discuss the newest venue proposals coming to the Las Vegas strip and beyond.  Plus a special report and review of the Psycho Vegas concert event.


Vegas Gossip

A driverless-car pilot program, a joint venture between Lyft rideshare company and Aptiv mobility-tech company, has logged 5,000 paid fixed-route trips along the Las Vegas Strip since it launched three months ago. Lyft and Aptiv claim that their fleet of 30 BMWs with autonomous navigation capabilities is the “only commercial robot-taxi service in the U.S.” No other driverless pilot program is charging customers to ride in their self-driving cars. Lyft customers who book a ride online can opt in or out of the self-driving-car option; they can also provide feedback on the experience, which has received a 96% positive response thus far. A “backup” driver remains behind the wheel to take control if necessary.

The highest-priced meal in Las Vegas, as identified by, is the prix-fixe five-course tasting-menu dinner at the exclusive (12-seat) Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand.

The artist who designed New York-New York’s Statue of Liberty replica was awarded a $3.6 million judgment for copyright infringement after the face of the statue was used on a stamp of which 4.9 million were sold. The U.S. Postal Service didn’t realize they’d used an image that incorporated modifications to reflect the face of the artist’s mother-in-law.


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