The Vegas We Knew – S2E77

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The New Novel by Julia Shupe – “Carved In Stone-A Vanessa Stone Thriller”   


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New Episode

Jamey and John reminisce about Old Las Vegas and how She shone.  Also on tap, discussions of what trends need to cycle out and how we would change the town.


Vegas Gossip

Home prices in Las Vegas are rising faster than in 20 other major markets in the nation, according to the S&P Case-Schiller Index. The price of houses rose 13% year over year in June, compared to 6.2% nationally. Seattle, which had topped the list for two years, was number two at 12.8% and San Francisco was number three at 10.7%. The last time Las Vegas placed number one was in July 2014.

Recreational marijuana’s first 12 months in Nevada smashed expectations by a large margin. First-year sales of $425 million were 60% higher than the $265 million the state originally predicted. They also outpaced first-year sales in all the other states where recreational pot is legal. Total cannabis sales, including medical marijuana and paraphernalia, hit $530 million between July 2017 and July 2018. Nevada collected $69.8 million in taxes, around $20 million more than projected. By comparison, in fiscal years 2016 and 2017, Nevada collected roughly $49 million in alcohol taxes; in just one year, the state’s pot industry already generates more tax revenues than booze.

A thief has become the 32nd name on Nevada’s list of Excluded Persons who are barred from entering any establishment in the state where gambling is taking place. James Whit Moody, 45, is a two-time felon convicted of burglary, petty larceny, and theft, notably from elderly casino patrons at machines and kiosks.

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