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Jamey, John and Special Guest Julia discuss how the city of Las Vegas has leaked into many celebrated, classic and infamous novels and literary pieces throughout the recent decades.  The three also continue their discussions on how Las Vegas has positively and negatively changed their lives and perceptions.

Vegas Gossip

The Las Vegas Golden Knights qualified for the 2017-2018 Stanley Cup playoffs tonight after beating the Colorado Avalanche 4-1 at T-Mobile. The Golden Knights are the first expansion team ever to clinch a playoff spot in their inaugural season. The VGK are also the quickest expansion team to reach 100 points. It took the 1981-82 Edmonton Oilers three seasons to break 100 points with 111 points and the 1975-76 New York Islanders reached 101 points in their fourth season. Vegas actually has 103 points, with six games to go. By comparison, the 100-year-old Toronto Maple Leafs reached 103 points only once in the century, in their 2003-2004 season.

The elevated tram between the Mirage and Treasure Island has been taken offline and will be out of order till November at the earliest. Details are sketchy, but we’re told that the line is being “renovated,” so that it will be completely automated; though the cars are driverless, an employee apparently had to oversee its operation.

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“The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby”

“Learning from Las Vegas the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form”

“Leaving Las Vegas”

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“Beautiful Children”

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I know… a shameless plug for our studio.  but, The Viewfinders having just returned from New York and having worked there during the prep week for Fashion Week, we had to give a nod to one of the most exciting and visually stimulating events of the our industries year.

Fashion Models - Runway

The Viewfinders and Fashion Week

The models wafted across the runway this year with a marked confidence placed there seemingly by the designers themselves.  With a slightly strengthening economy, the veil of decadence was indeed again in place.  The heavy-weights of the industry were again awash with ideas and colors were again welcomed into their idea sets.  The interesting dichotomy however, was the appearance of the runway models themselves.  It was noticed that the presentation of the new fashions was marked often by the covering of the models with bold and transforming make up…often illuminating on them what could be their Alter Ego.

Model in Red

Model in Red

Model in Red

Fashion runway

Thank you to the designers, models, MUA’s, stylists and all who produce fashion week.  The colors, the tones, the geometry and brashness of the event make artists like The Viewfinders realize we are definitely not alone.

A negative energy has seemingly darkened the door of the photographic industry.  As a practicing member of the, I’ll term it, fraternity of professional photographers, I am witness to many industry changes may they be tech related or in the case of this article a social transmogrification.  The negative energy of which I write has origins in free trade and capitalism but echos through the halls of our democratic society.  Photographs, pictures and videos of all types are slowly being slipped from the hands of artists into the waiting grasp of societal sycophants wanting only to be paid for the effort of stealing a moment in time.  True photographers, professionals who have greatly earned the title are being set aside for the sensational and the fantastical.  Our work no longer hangs in the museums of contemporary culture but has been replaced by grotesque shades of what art should be.  Our work has lost the distinction of inspiring the onlooker rather, it is now evidence of the follies of the celebrity du jour or to prove that one of our superlative youth can indeed light afire his flatulence.

I find myself retreating into my studio of photography at times wondering if I will ever see the day that my colleagues and I are once again thought of as leaders of an indudstry instead of being members of hordes who mustered their quarters to make a trip to Verizon to purchase the newest camera/phone.  Perhaps one day soon I can peek out my studio door and see a horizon that consists of artists of all kinds being warmly lit by the setting sun and all of the members of the new TMZ Society were no where to be found…ah to dream.

Check out these pictures from artist Natalie Irish.  Can you tell what her brush technique is?  I’ll give you a hint, she does not use a brush.  Here at the studio, we think they are amazing.  So what do you think of them?

Yesterday we posted about the infamous creepy man-baby pictures circulating the web.  Today we want to offer you something we do consider art.  Here are a few self-portraits from a Tokyo based photographer named Natsumi Hayashi.  For months she has posted one levitation picture a day, with the occasional picture of one of her two cats thrown in for good measure.  Looking through all of the captivating images, we actually hit the Jackpot!  A self-portrait levitation photograph, with one of her cats.  Now this is what we consider art…

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental

OK, we have a real problem with this!  It’s creepy, not just a little creepy, but disturbing, deranged, spine tingling creepy!  Yes we are talking about the dreaded Man-Baby Photos.  Some people out there are actually calling it art.  For Shame!  Allow us to explain.  Earlier this week, we were looking at a piece of art in a public place, and a friend scoffed, “THAT IS NOT ART!”  His reasoning was that he did not have an artistic bone in his body when it came to drawing, painting or sculpting.  Anything he could muster would be considered at a 4th grade level or lower.  Since he felt he could easily produce this piece of “art”, he was not willing to classify it as such.  Being artists ourselves, we wanted to try to explain the nuances of contemporary art, but we knew it would just fall on deaf ears.

Little did we know, we would be shouting the same thing a few days later. “THAT IS NOT ART!”  A cheap Photoshop to fleece new over zealous parents out of even more money, yes…art, no.  What do you think?

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental

Of course we think cameras are the greatest scientific achievement of all time.  Although scientific advancement has provided us the ability to capture imagery, we have always believed that creating art out of that imagery requires a trained eye and strong imagination.  But, every once in a while, science can inadvertently create art all on its own.  Here is a great example, has released photos of x-rays over the years.  Though some are strange and grusome, here is one that we thought was art. Do you know what it is?

X-ray of Tulips from 1910. (Photo: Edward Charles Le Grice/Getty Images)

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental