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Join Jamey with his guests Julia and John as they reminisce and discuss what it is like to live in Las Vegas and answer listener questions about Holiday traditions, cost of living and what the clubs are really like.  Also they cover how hard it is to be a woman in Las Vegas and what changes the gig economy and Millennial generations are demanding.

Episode #39 – Rundown

Coming up on this episode

–  Living in Las Vegas (Listener Questions)

–  Hospitality, Gaming and Club industry

–  with Area 52

(Jamey) Hello to John & Julia

 Keep those comments and show suggestions coming in…we love them all –

  1. Vegasjam36 – What is it like to live in Las Vegas?

        -Special Holiday traditions

  1. creekvalues – Is the cost of living high in Las Vegas?

        -$100 gallon of milk

        -119th in the world, 51st out of 101 in N America, 44th out         of 89 in USA

  1. stkinmdwst – Are the clubs as good as they look on TV?

        -Getting in, bottle service, VIP Hosts, music

  1. poweredgirl90 – Is it hard to be a woman in Las Vegas?

        -current atmosphere and past

  1. NYguy75 – Is Las Vegas catering to Millennial and beyond?

        -redesign space, interactive multiplayer, social media         connectivity

Area 52 (Jamey) –

  1. Population of Las Vegas as of 2016 632,912
  2. Original Lions mouth entrance in front of MGM was removed for 2 reasons: It was taking up prime real estate for the gambling floor but more importantly, it was considered bad luck by the Asian clientele/gamblers.

I know… a shameless plug for our studio.  but, The Viewfinders having just returned from New York and having worked there during the prep week for Fashion Week, we had to give a nod to one of the most exciting and visually stimulating events of the our industries year.

Fashion Models - Runway

The Viewfinders and Fashion Week

The models wafted across the runway this year with a marked confidence placed there seemingly by the designers themselves.  With a slightly strengthening economy, the veil of decadence was indeed again in place.  The heavy-weights of the industry were again awash with ideas and colors were again welcomed into their idea sets.  The interesting dichotomy however, was the appearance of the runway models themselves.  It was noticed that the presentation of the new fashions was marked often by the covering of the models with bold and transforming make up…often illuminating on them what could be their Alter Ego.

Model in Red

Model in Red

Model in Red

Fashion runway

Thank you to the designers, models, MUA’s, stylists and all who produce fashion week.  The colors, the tones, the geometry and brashness of the event make artists like The Viewfinders realize we are definitely not alone.