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Brown Outs, Strippers and Cocktails – Las Vegas Q&A – S2E73

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Jamey and John field more fan questions including discussions of Parking updates, a look at safety in Las Vegas, legal Stripper room visits, power outage procedures and the Drink of Choice currently.


Vegas Gossip

MGM Resorts International has entered into an agreement with the NBA to use its game data to determine the outcomes of sports wagers. MRI will pay the NBA $25 million over a three-year term, which also includes reciprocal promotional agreements. It’s the first such deal made between a licensed sports betting operator and one of the major sports leagues.

The nonprofit Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club, owner of the Pinball Hall of Fame, has purchased a 1.76-acre property on the south Strip just south of Russell Road across from the Bali Hai Golf Club, for $4.6 million. The Club is planning a 27,000-square-foot pinball-shaped building in order to expand from 250 machines in its current location on E. Tropicana to more than 1,000 machines, 800 of which are in storage. The Hall of Fame also hopes to attract more out-of-towners to its vintage quarter games. In response to when the construction on the new building might commence, the owner of the Hall of Fame said, “I have no idea.”

Sales of marijuana in May set a new record; the $43.74 million beat the previous record of $41 million set in March. Demand for recreational marijuana in Nevada has been stronger than many industry experts initially projected and continues to grow. Wholesale prices have gone up to levels unknown in other legal-pot markets (though that has to do as much with crop failure due to stringent testing standards and extreme heat as it does with demand). In other pot news, according to one dispensary owner, 60% of recreational customers are over the age of 40. And a company called Cannabaneirs has perfected a non-alcoholic marijuana-infused craft beer, “two roots,” as an alternative to edibles. It’s expected to be available in mid-August and cost $5 a can.

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Born in Beijing, Chenman is a young Chinese photographer who is known for her own photographic style. Not only does she use vibrant colors, models with unique make-up and hair but her use of 3D technology, her photos are one of a kind. Take a look at the pictures below.


Seen as a high fashion photographer in China, Chenman also has been featured in high fashion US magazines as well such as Vision, Vouge, Bazaar, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Modern Weekly. Becoming a huge name for fashion photography in China, Chenman is becoming the most promising inspiration of her generation. Her innovative style, and within 10 years of work, she has proclaimed herself as one of China’s most successful commercial photographers.