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Posted: February 17, 2012 in Tech Rant
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Are we shooting with the best gear available? That’s a question every professional has asked themselves. The debate between which camera technology is the best continues with SLR vs. SLT.

Digital single-lens reflex cameras (digital SLR or DSLR) are digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) is a Sony brand name for cameras which have a mirror, but – unlike the one in DSLRs – it does not move, and it is semi-transparent, allowing the majority of the light to pass through to the sensor whilst reflecting a portion of it onto a phase-detection autofocus  sensor, this way allowing full time phase detection auto focus.

Since there is no mirror or mechanical parts flipping one, the SLT camera will give you the fastest stills FPS and fastest video auto-focus. Due to the electronic viewfinder, you lose a third of the light entering the camera, therefore will get slighty lower ISO performance. These camera technologies are a close call in which one is more practical, but the victor goes to the SLT for any fast paced photography or video capture, due to the advantage of less mechanical parts speeding up the focusing process.