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Jamey and John discuss the pornography industry in Las Vegas…it’s successes and failures and the sacrifices being made to stay relevant.  Also looked at are the tech influences to porn including VR Porn Platforms.  Also on the show a review of the upcoming Cinemacon conference and a return to a fan favorite…Area 52.

Las Vegas has always been a city that has redefined itself as needed and as trends washed across the landscape of leisure travel.  The most famous advertising campaign to come out of the city of neon is, of course, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”.  Now, the aforementioned statement was perfect for the time frame in which it was released but, with the information age kicking into high gear, it was quickly found that what happens in Vegas is usually available to the global community only minutes after. The information however is often skewed to meet the needs of the information conduit or out in out changed into an arguable falsehood to serve as click bate.  This is very often the case as it regards pornography in Las Vegas.  As we discuss in this weeks podcast, Las Vega get a bad rap when it comes to pornography and is many times listed as the epicenter of that particular industry.  Join us for the full discussion of this topic including mentions of the classic porn titles like the classic “Deep Throat” and “The Devil and Miss Jones” and the real relationship porn has with Las Vegas.

Also included in this episode is a discussion of the upcoming CinemaCon conference and how it brings Hollywood to the Vegas crowds…including a look at the release information of James Cameron’s Avatar franchise.

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Episode #42 – Rundown
Coming up on this episode
–  The Destruction of Las Vegas…from Hollywood to Silicon Valley
–  with Area 52
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Nerd Alert
Net Neutrality
Star Wars:  The Last Jedi

Why does Hollywood like to blow up, flood, quake and demo Las Vegas?
10 Films that destroy our town
– San Andreas, Godzilla, 2012, Resident Evil:Extinction, Transformers, Domino, Con Air, Mars Attacks, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, The Amazing Colossal Man

Video games that destroy Las Vegas
–  Fallout:New Vegas, GTA:San Andreas, Rainbow 6:Vegas1&2, Die Hard Trilogy:Viva Las Vegas
Area 52 (Jamey) –
· 1931:The Nevada Legislature relaxes marriage and divorce laws and repeals its gambling ban.
· 1931:Pair-O-Dice Club opens on Highway 91, which later is known as the famous Las Vegas Strip.
1932:Patrick McCarran elected to the U.S. Senate
1933:Prohibition is repealed.

Like most in our generation, we grew up on superheros.  One was greater than all the rest.  Superman!  What kid didn’t fly around with a cape pretending to save people.  Hell, I have a cape now that fits me!  So, when the first picture of the new superman was released this morning we could not wait to see it and make comparisons.  The new movie is just under two years from release and we are already excited!  What does this have to do with photography or our photography studio? Well, these are both professional photographs.  So, which superman do you like better?  Or are you withholding judgement for now?