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Photoshop is an amazing tool and we use it here at the studio all the time to clean up photographs that might have been a little less than perfect.  But what is with the wave of poorly doctored photos by less than skilled professionals.  It is one thing to blend a blemish on a model or fix a shadow or two, when serving our clients needs, but it is yet another to poorly doctor photos of actual or fictional events to corroborate news stories disseminated to the masses.  At least so far these transgressions have occurred only in minor stories, the missing Clinton, then the fake Chinese road inspection and now the swearing in of a new Governor in Syria.  But that does raise an important question.  Is the reason we have not seen doctored photos in any major news events because it is not happening or because there are highly skilled professionals at work?


OK, yes we saw our chance to express our opinion about the candy bar, and we took it.  But our inspiration was from the images of the Milky Way that yahoo posted yesterday.  Lately, running the Las Vegas studio has turned into a full time job for us, which makes us long for the days when we could venture out and take shoots like these more often.  These photographs are great, but there were a few more beautiful ones we thought were worth a look…

This one taken is Eastern Utah by Wally Pacholka

This one taken by Richard Payne in Arizona

This one taken by Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn in Ontario, Canada

And these we don’t know for sure so we will leave them un-credited.

We were here at the studio this morning and came across some pictures from this years Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  While we noticed that most of the photographs are clearly taken from a safe distance, there were a few, like the last two below, that looked like they really put the photographer and more importantly their equipment is harms way.  This is certainly not like shooting a sporting event from the sideline with a long lens.  With those angles and that crowd, the photographer is right there in the middle of the action.  That spurred the debate, at what point is it no longer with the risk to yourself and your equipment to get the shot?

This post was inspired by a question that was recently posed to my business partner and me.  We were asked about any new gear and/or techniques we employ for our video production while using our DSLR’s.  This prompted a furious search of the web for what is out there and coming soon.  Honestly, I didn’t find very much.  We would love to hear from our fellow Tech Monsters what gear they have been reading about and testing…off brands are ok too!

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My Kinda of Town…Vegas is…

Professional photography (and any creative tech field for that matter), has always had a tenuous relationship at best with Las Vegas.  As with most things Vegas, Photography is looked at with a crooked eyebrow and a doubting that anyone is truly a professional.  Of course, there are many highly skilled professional photographers in many disciplines in Las Vegas.  The problem is that there are twice as many that are not qualified to retain the title of professional.  It has always concerned this writer that Las Vegas will never be able to gain the artistic respect it deserves because of those unscrupulous invidividuals that have purchased a camera just to meet girls and enjoy the party life that they think is the life of a professional photographer.  Those of us who are not only artists but run the company know all too well that the party life is often usurped by the life of an accountant, marketer, brand manager, public relations officer and human resources representative.  My question to those of my colleagues that are following is…Do you feel Vegas is respected as a creative leader in the photographic and related industries? and if not, Will we ever be?



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Yesterday we posted about the infamous creepy man-baby pictures circulating the web.  Today we want to offer you something we do consider art.  Here are a few self-portraits from a Tokyo based photographer named Natsumi Hayashi.  For months she has posted one levitation picture a day, with the occasional picture of one of her two cats thrown in for good measure.  Looking through all of the captivating images, we actually hit the Jackpot!  A self-portrait levitation photograph, with one of her cats.  Now this is what we consider art…

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A company called Lytro has developed technology to allow a photograph’s focus to be altered after the photo has been taken.  Apparently the new camera will have a sensor that records, a significantly more data about the light entering the lens.  Apparently, the new camera will be able to do all sorts of interesting things, like 3D images, low-light photography without a flash, high speed images, etc.

Is it true?  Could this one camera do it all and at what cost?  Read for yourself and tell us what you think.  If these photos are any indication of what is to come, it is going to be interesting.

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OK, we have a real problem with this!  It’s creepy, not just a little creepy, but disturbing, deranged, spine tingling creepy!  Yes we are talking about the dreaded Man-Baby Photos.  Some people out there are actually calling it art.  For Shame!  Allow us to explain.  Earlier this week, we were looking at a piece of art in a public place, and a friend scoffed, “THAT IS NOT ART!”  His reasoning was that he did not have an artistic bone in his body when it came to drawing, painting or sculpting.  Anything he could muster would be considered at a 4th grade level or lower.  Since he felt he could easily produce this piece of “art”, he was not willing to classify it as such.  Being artists ourselves, we wanted to try to explain the nuances of contemporary art, but we knew it would just fall on deaf ears.

Little did we know, we would be shouting the same thing a few days later. “THAT IS NOT ART!”  A cheap Photoshop to fleece new over zealous parents out of even more money, yes…art, no.  What do you think?

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Long have photographers dealt with the issue of archiving their images. The subject is now even more prevalent with the deluge of digital images that are now produced. In the professional arena, which is the one most directly affected by the storage issue, we are faced with producing giant images that take many megabytes to store. As we cannot sacrifice image quality and editing compression, we must look at the storage options instead. Of course, the makers of storage, WD, Seagate and the like, are keeping up but unfortunately we are producing images in the thousands and must have them at the touch of a button for our returning and new clients. I would ask my colleagues in the commercial photography/videography field to engage in this conversation and tell us what options they have explored and employed…

Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental

News articles abound about small film producers that are creqating films with dlsrs and small scale HD cameras totally in a studio like Alter Ego Studio.  We would love to know what projects are being produced out there…what type of gear is being used, and what applications beyond Final Cut pro are being utilized.  What is the bad and the good about the concept all the way to the can.  Let us know guys!


Alter Ego Studio – Las Vegas – Commercial Photography, Video Production and Photo Studio Rental