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Riding Elephants in Las Vegas – S2E59

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Jamey is joined by Carla M. as they recount more stories of being a talent agent in Las Vegas.  Also discussed are some of the differences between Vegas and the smaller gambling markets and will Vegas continue to support the private entertainment industry.

Vegas Gossip

Uncertainty about the prospects for Wynn Resorts’ previously announced Las Vegas projects was heightened when new CEO Matt Maddox announced that the scope of Paradise Park would be scaled back at a minimum. Calling plans to spend $3 billion to develop both Paradise Park and the Alon-site project “unsustainable,” Maddox indicated that the PP lagoon would be restricted to hotel guests only and that a hotel would be built either next to the lagoon or on the Alon site, but apparently not both.

The new edition of Hiking Las Vegas is in-house and ready to ship, just in time for the prime Las Vegas outdoor season. For years the go-to Las Vegas-area hiking guide, HLV covers more than 80 trails, varying in difficulty from relaxing family-friendly hikes to challenging climbs and scrambles, at Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and Lake Mead. Changes were made in the design to make it easier to carry and use than earlier editions.

The Orleans is experimenting with virtual-reality tournaments. Enter a tourney for ArcheryVR as a single player ($10 entry) or SiegeVR as a team of two ($30). ArcheryVR has a $125 free-play prize and SiegeVR awards $300 FP. Playing sessions are 90 seconds and the tourneys run 4-10 p.m. weekdays and 2-10 p.m. weekends during a three-month trial. A similar program is running at MGM Grand.


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