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The Weapon of Choice for the AI revolt…Slot Machines! S2E66

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Jamey, Julia & John discuss the negative effects of slot machines on the human brain and the “Machine Zone.”  Also on the show…How hard is it to stay healthy in a town like Las Vegas? and Is there a marked difference in respect and tipping between male and female concierge?

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Vegas Gossip

The LV Review-Journal reports that multiple trademark applications have been filed by the Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball team for the name Las Vegas Aviators. While the filings seem to suggest that Aviators will be the new name, team representatives say that it’s a preemptive move to prevent cybersquatting and that several names are still in the running.

There’ve been no official announcements regarding overall participation in this year’s World Series of Poker, but judging from the two big lead-off tournaments, its down significantly. The $565 buy-in Colossus drew 13,070 players. That’s big, but a whopping 28% off last year’s 18,054. And while the drop wasn’t as dramatic in the $1,500 buy-in Millionaire Maker, its 7,361 participants was down 5% from last year’s 7,761.

Derek Stevens has purchased an 11-story office building across the street from the D for $39.7 million. Plans for the property haven’t been disclosed, but the building also has its own parking garage.

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Photoshop is an amazing tool and we use it here at the studio all the time to clean up photographs that might have been a little less than perfect.  But what is with the wave of poorly doctored photos by less than skilled professionals.  It is one thing to blend a blemish on a model or fix a shadow or two, when serving our clients needs, but it is yet another to poorly doctor photos of actual or fictional events to corroborate news stories disseminated to the masses.  At least so far these transgressions have occurred only in minor stories, the missing Clinton, then the fake Chinese road inspection and now the swearing in of a new Governor in Syria.  But that does raise an important question.  Is the reason we have not seen doctored photos in any major news events because it is not happening or because there are highly skilled professionals at work?


The lines are getting just a bit more blurry for the stil photographer and budding video shooter.  More and more in the field we are seeing the 5D Mark II and D7000 being employed for on the fly video.  The savey shooter can actually double book a commercial job and produce wonderful results in both arenas.  Of course, the problem now is the deluge of rigs and accessories that are supposed to aid in video but don’t.  The single most mentioned problem we hear in the field is the issue of focussing.  We would love to know what tech our colleagues have seen just outside the bubble to address this issue…?


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